Sunday, November 9, 2014

Here's What's Happening.....


Amy Logan, author of A Girl with a Cape, is visiting 
our school on Friday, November 14th.  Ms. Logan 
wrote this story about a little girl who is ready to
make a big difference in the world.  She eventually 
gets frustrated because she feels there is no big 
moment in her life that she can make a difference in. 
However what she didn't realize is that every time
she was nice to someone, it made a difference 
in that person's life.  This is a story about
"paying it forward" and remembering that 
here is a superhero in everybody.

Picture retakes : Tuesday : The original
picture envelope must be returned for a picture retake 
REMIND..... The feedback has been very positive 
about the REMIND messages.  This seems to be a 
great way to communicate on a regular basis!


Spelling : 
The week of 11/10 - Lesson 10
The week of 11/17 - Lesson 11
The week of 11/24 - none due to the 2 day week!

English :
Unit 1 Sentences - finishing this unit. Test will be
 announced this week.
 It will be on Friday or the beginning of next week.
We will be doing some poetry and writing activities 
after this unit and begin our next grammar
 unit after Thanksgiving break.

Reading :
Continuing our UNIT on CHALLENGES that focuses
*How can challenges affect yourself and those around you (i.e family, friends, etc)?
*How do characters, real and fictional, respond to challenges  (both positively & negatively)?
*How are challenges conquered in literature and informational text?

Sitting Bull Research that focused on the essential questions and an event in his life is being completed to create a GLOGSTER.  

Next the students will compare and contrast how Slow and Jackie Robinson handled the challenges in their lives.  

Social Studies : 
Chapter 5
 Lesson 3  "New European Colonies" which will include the Pilgrims and the Puritans.
Lesson 4 "The 13 Colonies"

Science : 
Oceans -
 Lesson 1 "What are Oceans Like?"  The students will be making a diagram of the ocean floor.
 Lesson 2 "How Does Ocean Water Move?"  Compare/Contrast waves and currents
Lesson 3 "What Forces Shapes Shorelines?"